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6 min readMar 10, 2023

The road to The Europe Club begins! We are excited to introduce the next international TFC Tournament, which will be The Europe Club Qualifiers (TECQ) starting on March 23rd. Get ready for 20 nations, two Tournaments, new items, and an exciting showdown!

Make sure also to check out TECQ Item drops!

DISCLAIMER: The prizes of both tournaments will have to be changed. We’ll keep you updated.

TECQ Tournament Structure

The Rookie and Pro TECQ Tournaments will consist of 10 Matchdays in total:

  • Matchday 1: 23.03.-25.03.23
  • Matchday 2: 26.03.-28.03.23
  • Matchday 3: 16.06.-17.06.23
  • Matchday 4: 18.06.-19.06.23
  • Matchday 5: 07.09.-09.09.23
  • Matchday 6: 10.09.-12.09.23
  • Matchday 7: 12.10.-14.10.23
  • Matchday 8: 15.10.-17.10.23
  • Matchday 9: 16.11.-18.11.23 (CRUNCH TIME)
  • Matchday 10: 19.11.-21.11.23 (CRUNCH TIME)

For every Matchday, there will be a stand-alone challenge per tournament where you score points. In ten matchdays, you must collect as many points as possible to be on top of the ranking and win the best rewards! Everyone can participate in every Matchday!


Can you handle the pressure when it matters? On the last two matchdays, the points are multiplied by 1.5! This means that the winners of Matchday 9 & 10 will receive 75 points, the runner-up 63, etc.

The rankings will be accessible in the challenge descriptions via an external link as well as on Discord and Medium, so you can see where you’re standing anytime!

The Matchday challenges will always be available as soon as possible in the TFC App. See the challenge details for both TECQ Tournaments below.

TECQ Nations

The following nations will be included in TECQ Tournaments. You already know the first 12 from TWC and have their National Boost Items you can also use here. National Boost Items from all nations below will be available in TECQ Item Bags!

After Matchday 4, a few more nations that were initially not included but performed better than expected will be added to TECQ. You will be able to line up players from these nations and get their national boosters in bags from TECQ drops.

TECQ Rookie Tournament

Entry to this challenge is completely free! That means you don’t need to own or burn anything to enter. And the best part: the 1st place will win 1000 FUSD + 7 Mystery Bags (each one containing 3 Jerseys from multiple clubs and in every scarcity possible)! On your way to glory, you can also win TECQ Bags each matchday! To give every one of you the same chance to win in this tournament, the boosts will be limited to Common and Uncommon National Boost Items as well as Common and Bronze Captain’s Caps.




The total prize pool of the Rookie Tournament consists of 5000 FUSD, 100 Mystery Bags, as well as TECQ Base and Starter Bags in Matchday Challenges.

See the rewards for the final ranking below.

Every Matchday, you will also have the chance to win TECQ Bags to boost your team for the next challenge! Each Rookie Matchday will contain a prize pool of 10 TECQ Base Bags and 40 TECQ Starter Bags.


It’s the national break your Captain’s Cap is in the closet and getting all dusty? Not in TECQ! In addition to the National Boost Items, you can also use your Captain’s Cap to boost the score of your players. Please remember, that you’re limited to using only one Cap per challenge, as there can only be one captain in your team. You can read more about the Captain’s Cap here.

In the Rookie Tournament, the boosts are limited. See the possible ways to boost the scores below.

TECQ Pro Tournament

It’s time to gear up for some intense competition! This tournament promises to bring some serious heat and excitement, as the 1st place will win a huge prize of 3000 FUSD + 15 Mystery Bags!


To participate in the prestigious TECQ Pro Tournament, you need to burn Jerseys. Each Matchday Challenge will have a burning requirement to enter, which will be as follows:

- 5 Uncommon Jerseys or
- 2 Rare Jerseys or
- 1 Super Rare Jersey


In February, you could participate in two wildcard challenges, which were very popular and had a large number of participants.
We are happy to announce that the ten wildcard winners will have free entry to The Europe Club Qualifiers Pro tournament! The wildcards will be airdropped to the winners in time for the 1st matchday and are untradeable.


The total prize pool consists of 15000 FUSD and 190 Mystery Bags, as well as TECQ Base Bags and TECQ Starter Bags.

See the rewards for the final ranking below.

Every TECQ Pro Matchday Challenge will also include a 500 FUSD prize pool! Additionally, 10 TECQ Base Bags and 40 TECQ Starter Bags will be distributed.


Boost your players to gain an advantage over your competitors! All National Boost Items and Captains Caps are allowed.

More Challenges

In addition to the Tournament Challenges, there will be more challenges in which you can win TECQ Bags! Stay tuned!


Can I use the same National Boosters for both tournaments at once?
No, one National Booster can’t be used for multiple tournaments at once.

Can I mix items from TWC and TEC when upgrading?
Yes. For example, you can use one French Boot from TWC, take one from a TECQ Bag and upgrade them to an Uncommon French Boot.

What about players I can put in multiple positions, e. g. in midfield and forward? Can I boost the player with both respective items?
It depends on the position you line up the player. If you put the player in midfield, you need the tracktop to boost him. In the forward position, you need the boot.

Can I boost several players with one item? e.g., Bellingham and Saka with one tracktop?
No, a TWC item only boosts one player per challenge. You would need two tracktops and you can choose which player gets which tracktop.

Do I have to play every matchday to participate in TECQ Tournaments?
No, you can skip matchdays and will still stay in the rankings.

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