The winter break is over and the TFC Spring is heating up! Get ready for all the latest updates on the various competitions and challenges as the TFC season kicks back into gear. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just a casual observer, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Stay tuned for all the latest news and analysis from TFC.

New Challenge Types

First, let us introduce some new challenge types to the game. This is the first step of a bigger rework of the challenges. We will have different types and variations of challenges in the future.

Get ready for some severe partner challenges. We’ve got an exciting series of challenges coming your way, with a new one or more being released every week. Check the requirements when the challenges appear in the app, as you will need different jerseys in varying scarcities.

Feeling the heat? You’re in luck because we’ve got a sizzling series of burn challenges coming your way! These challenges will keep you on your toes with a new one being released every week. And the best part? Each challenge will differ from the last, so you never know what to expect. Are you ready to feel the burn and come out on top?

Remember the Kebab Shirt or the DYOR Pieces? Special items will get a comeback for special challenges. There will be randomly special item challenges.

Free to enter. Win bags in free weekly challenges to climb the ladder and join the division challenges.

We’ll introduce a series of special tournaments. These tournaments will take place over a longer period of time or every month, so there are plenty of opportunities to test your skills and come out on top. Keep an eye out for updates, and destroy the tournaments your way!

The first tournament will start with the DFB-Pokal on 31st January.

Requirement Update

We worked on new requirements for all Divisions, looked at the data, and will update all requirements. Let's jump to the different divisions.

From March 1st, you will need the following jerseys to enter the different Bundesliga Divisions. You will have enough time to adapt to the new requirements.

New Requirements Bundesliga Challenges

Which teams will be part of the Jerseys?
Only Bundesliga teams.

The new requirements will be implemented after the first Jupiler Pro League Drop.

Which teams will be part of the Jerseys?
All teams from Suisse Super League, HNL, Jupiler Pro League and SL Benfica.

We’re in the process of developing a brand new concept for the Jersey Challenges. This is a big undertaking and will require some time to get all the design and technical details sorted out, but we’re confident it will be worth the wait. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting project! New challenges, improved variety of boosters, cool new modes.


The rewards will be updated too. We will take a little bit more time and steps for that update. There will be a new rewards mixture of bags, jerseys, FUSD, and Coins for all challenges.

We updated the reward for the ROTW Division Challenges too. A little bit more than 5k in FUSD rewards will be paid out. These are the changes:

More positions are given FUSD, especially in the lower Divisions.

  • Unique: Top 20 (1500 FUSD) / Top 20 Bags
  • Epic: Top 40 (1250 FUSD) / Top 20 Bags
  • Super Rare: Top 40 (1010 FUSD) / Top 20 Bags
  • Rare: Top 40 (750 FUSD) / Top 20 Bags
  • Uncommon: Top 50 (500 FUSD) / Top 10 Bags

The ROTW Divisions are live in the app. These are quick updates on the possibilities we have right now.

In the future, we’ll be adding even more exciting prizes to the mix, including specific jerseys of different scarcities, real-life goodies, TFC Merch, coins, qualifier tickets, and other dope stuff, like always, the TFC Style.

This isn’t written in stone, thanks to digitalization and the computer. If you have Feedback, share it with us, and we can see what we can improve.

BTW we will have our comeback on Twitch tomorrow. If you want to roast us, we are prepared, but lovely words would also be nice.

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Welcome to the Metaverse of Football Fandom. The virtual home of football to play and connect with fans worldwide.

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Welcome to the Metaverse of Football Fandom. The virtual home of football to play and connect with fans worldwide.