TFC Division Update

Before the new Bundesliga season starts, we are providing an update about the divisions and the scoring at TFC.

Jersey Divisions

For the beginning of the German Bundesliga, jersey requirements will be:
(All Bundesliga and Swiss Super League jerseys count as an entry)

Uncommon Division: 5+ uncommon jerseys

Rare Division: 4+ rare jerseys

Super Rare Division: 3+ super rare jerseys

Epic Division: 2+ epic jerseys

Unique Division: 1+ unique jerseys


If players retire you will still be able to use them as an entry for the respective tournament.

For challenges, managers will be able to pick players from all 18 Bundesliga teams plus all players from Young Boys Bern and their opponents.

As soon as we launch more teams from Croatia and Switzerland, we will add another Jersey division for those countries.

Jersey Divisions are then planned to be

  • Bundesliga only
  • Croatia, Switzerland*

* More countries will join this division soon.

Special Jerseys

In the Werder Bremen drop for example there were special jerseys included in the drop. These jerseys will guarantee you lifetime access to the respective jersey challenge. Those jerseys won’t boost players but will have powerful benefits in other parts of TFC.

Please have in mind that TFC is not only about fantasy sports, it’s about the metaverse for football fandom.

Boost Reminder

Player Boosts will be activated for the start of the Bundesliga season 2022/23.

In which divisions can I use my jerseys?

You will be only able to use your jerseys in the respective division for each jersey. Example: If you want to join the uncommon division, you will need several uncommon jerseys. For each uncommon jersey matching with a lined-up player, you will receive a player performance boost for the respective player. Same for the other divisions.
You will not be able to use your uncommon jersey in other divisions than the uncommon division. In the uncommon division, only uncommon jerseys will boost your score. Same for each further scarcity/division.


If you own a jersey that matches with a player of your lineup his score will be boosted by 3% for each scarcity.

Why 3%?

Our aim is to reward managers for owning jerseys of lined-up players but making it still possible for managers without matching jerseys to win tournaments. The boost of 3% has several advantages:

  1. It will help managers who own jerseys to offset a bad performance of a lined-up player
  2. Managers without any jerseys are still able to compete and win tournaments with skill.
  3. We will still have the chance to use further boost models (level of jerseys, burning methods) to empower the boost even more without making the boost too powerful. This is a conscious decision that will leave us some scope for the future.

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Welcome to the Metaverse of Football Fandom. The virtual home of football to play and connect with fans worldwide.

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The Football Club

Welcome to the Metaverse of Football Fandom. The virtual home of football to play and connect with fans worldwide.