TFC — The Next Chapter

First of all, thank you all, especially to our great community, for the historic first year at The Football Club. It was an extensive first season so far. The Football Club is running faster than Hakimi, 99 pace, and the next season will be even better and bigger.

A small recap of the first TFC year:

We won’t stop delivering, throughout the European summer break, we will think about new features, the next season and will include the following features for the new season:

Jersey boost

Can I get aaaaaaa, Jersey? In the first season, we used the jerseys as an entry for the challenges, the jersey will still give you the possibility to join all the specific jersey challenges.

Besides that, the jerseys will boost the score of a player you line up in a jersey challenge. This will guarantee that jerseys of higher-scoring players will be more popular and wanted. Each player-jersey will guarantee you a score boost in the respective division of the jersey’s scarcity. Unique jerseys for example will boost player scores in the unique division. Got it?


Most players won’t stay at their club for their whole career. We will make sure that every jersey will keep its utility as long as the player plays in an opta-covered league. And we’re also working on a model that saves utility for players who move to non-opta-covered leagues. For players who join the club after jersey duffle bags of the team were being dropped, we will have special drops with the newly transferred players.

Staking & Burning

During the next European season, it will be possible for users to stake or burn their jerseys to unlock special features. Burning jerseys will have several use cases: Either you will be able to receive special airdrops including limited items, or you will be able to join special challenges by burning your jerseys. The more jerseys you burn, the higher the reward. The highest rewards for burning jerseys will be real-life utilities like VIP tickets for Bundesliga matches. Excited? We are!


Sharing is caring, welcome to web3. For the Bundesliga season, we gave about 180.000 FUSD back to the community as rewards through challenges in the first year of TFC. We care about our great community and share our success with our community. We ride together, we die together, TFC for life.

We will also add TFC Jersey bags as a reward for special free2play challenges.

Read more about the Play2Live Concept here.

Real Life Utility

With Dortmund and Werder Bremen, we’ve already added some items with real-life utility to the drop. The drops included real-life products, tickets for matches, and fan packages. We always said that our goal is to connect the real world with the metaverse and this won’t be the last drop where we combine those two worlds. For next season we have even more utilities planned. Stay tuned.

New Teams & Competitions

Team by team, oh baby. New partnerships are dropping faster than a toast. The first year was really successful. We dropped the UEFA Europe League winner Eintracht Frankfurt as the first club in TFC. We dropped VFL Wolfsburg, SV Werder Bremen, Borussia Dortmund, and Young Boys Bern together with the Suisse League. All these teams will continue in the next season 22/23.

We also launched the first DFB Pokal challenges for the German cup. This means the cup will continue also in the next season with all the cup games.

Our partnership team doesn’t have KitKats, always in contact with new teams and new leagues. We already acquired new teams and leagues, which we will announce in the near future, the new season will be massive for TFC.

The get the newest information join our Discord.

The TFC Marketplace

We started the TFC Marketplace in its first beta at the beginning of March with the most necessary features, listing, buying, and selling. A lot of members are already doing it which is quite nice. For the next weeks and months, we will work on improving and adding new features to the marketplace. Some new features will be:

We will improve the performance and fix minor bugs in the marketplace.

Make Offer
Members will have the possibility to make an offer for a specific item.

New Filter
We will update and add new filter options to the marketplace, e. g. filtering by team or by type.

We will include a search feature to find your jerseys and items you want to buy.

The overall goal is to integrate the marketplace into the TFC app. We are already working on this topic and will find a nice and smooth way to have the TFC Marketplace inside the TFC App.

The TFC App

The TFC App is running and working nicely. Besides the official TFC Marketplace jersey drops, we will also drop once a month in the TFC App. There will be different topics and items we will release in the app. Some new features will be:

We will improve the performance and fix minor bugs in the TFC app

New Challenges Design
More competitions means more challenges. We will integrate filters and competition tabs to get a better overview

Bag Opening
We will include the bag opening in the TFC App

We will try to integrate the TFC Marketplace into the TFC App

Member Search
You will be able to search for your friends or TFC members

New Ranking Design
The ranking view will be updated

We will improve the app day by day and think about new features, if you have any feedback reach out to our Discord server and give us feedback.

TFC — The Football Club

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Welcome to the Metaverse of Football Fandom. The virtual home of football to play and connect with fans worldwide.

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The Football Club

Welcome to the Metaverse of Football Fandom. The virtual home of football to play and connect with fans worldwide.