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Draft teams and earn money every weekend — sounds like a dream? The Football Club wants to make this dream come true for every football fan out there.

Scarcity Challenge Prizes

Welcome to the Metaverse of Football Fandom: A place where every football fan can experience the magic of being a part of the game by collecting and using officially licensed digital club items. With TFC, every user will be able to turn their hobby into a career.

We’re excited to announce a core part of our platform: Play2Live. Every user will be able to generate income using digital collectibles in our fantasy football challenges. Jersey Challenges

We created five divisions which you can enter by owning jerseys of the respective scarcity. There will be one challenge each gameweek for each league in which you have the chance to earn winnings in the form of FUSD as well as Jersey-Bags. For now we are starting with Bundesliga challenges but you can be sure: More leagues and challenges will join soon. We already have signed contracts with some leagues but won’t launch them in beta.

In the future Gameweeks will close each Friday at 18:00 CET. We’ve set this deadline because we want to make sure that you can cover all information of the press conferences which take place on friday to set your best possible lineup. Right now the start of a challenge is the deadline.

What do you need to enter?

Requirement to join the Divisions

Be aware: These requirements will change, as soon as more clubs will join the game.

For the first challenges we want to make sure that everyone who has bought a jersey-bag will have the chance to participate in a challenge. It’s important to us that anyone has the possibility to experience the new game mode for an easy entry point. For upcoming challenges, more than one jersey will be required to enter challenges.

Prize Pools

For each division, we will provide the same FUSD Prize pool of 3.000 FUSD. The higher the division, the less opponents you will face and therefore have a better chance to be in the money. Following places of each division will be rewarded:

Payout Areas

Be aware: These prize pools will change, as soon as more clubs will join the game. We will add dynamic prize pools soon.

Dedicated winnings for division will be shown at the respective challenge.

Thanks to our strong investors and our solid funding, we will make sure that a big fixed percentage of our income will be given back to our users in challenges. TFC Managers will always participate in the success of the company.

Score Boost

Entering a tournament, of course, won’t be the only utility of your jersey. We will very soon implement balanced score boosts for each jersey. If you’re able to enter a challenge, you can equip your player with his jersey. You want to boost Kamada? Go for a Kamada jersey!

Konzept Score Boost in the TFC App

If you don’t own a Kamada jersey you can still line him up but won’t receive any score boost on his score. Each jersey in each scarcity will include a score boost to the respective player.

Empower Jerseys

We’re working on a feature that makes it possible for you to swap/burn jerseys and receive better ones in exchange. We strongly believe that a sustainable product needs a kind of burning mechanism for collectibles to keep the balance on the market.
Imagine: Burn 100 Common Jerseys of Kostic to receive a Common Pro Jersey which will unlock special tournaments and prize pools. In addition to that you could be able to receive a signed Kostic jersey and get VIP Tickets for a SGE match. How does that sound?


We want to build an environment, in which every user has the chance to participate. You will still also be able to win prizes in contests which don’t require jerseys as an entry. In these Free2Play challenges, the top managers will win jersey bags which can contain any scarcity. Play for free, win a bag and pull a unique? That’s what dreams are made of!

In our game concept, there is a place for everyone. Users who don’t want to invest anything in NFTs will be able to win jerseys and other collectables in Play2Earn challenges. With these earnings they will be able to compete in our Play2Live concept and make themselves managers in the highest division: The Unique. Make your dream come true and turn your hobby into a career.

More leagues = more fun

After a player has been transferred, you can use the player for his new club, as long as we cover the respective league. We’re constantly working on the coverage of more teams and leagues and will have some announcements regarding new licenses very soon!

As always, more information and updates to follow.

TFC — The Football Club

Play the fastest NFT based fantasy football manager. Earn FUSD and collect, trade and wear officially licensed NFTs

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