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Attention all TFC Members! The time has come for you to join the elite group of die-hard fans in the TFC GOAT Club. This exclusive club is reserved for the true OGs and GOATs of football. We are excited to offer 25 new members the opportunity to join our ranks and show the world your passion and dedication to the game. Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of something special and join the GOAT Club.

Wen Drop?
Thursday, February 2nd — 7 PM CET on the TFC Marketplace.

What is the TFC GOAT Club?

An exclusive club for holders of the GOAT Club ticket, the special item created by The Football Club.

Besides that, the GOAT Club is a premium season membership. It currently gives you access to private TFC VIP lounges and VIP tickets for five stadiums of partner clubs.

This season we are started with five stadiums, and another one is on the way:

Borussia Dortmund
Signal Iduna Park / TFC Box

Bayer Leverkusen
BayArena / TFC Box

Hertha BSC
Olympiastadion Berlin / TFC Box

VfB Stuttgart
Mercedes-Benz Arena / TFC Box

VFL Wolfsburg
Volkswagen Arena / VIP Tickets

??? / ???

More partner clubs and stadiums will follow.

Check out the upcoming games for February:

What are all the benefits?

Access to the private TFC VIP Lounges isn’t the only benefit, therefore we are offering you way more:

All GOAT Club Benefits:

Exclusive access to private TFC Lounges & VIP Tickets*
Watch games of partner teams in TFC Lounges with food and beverages, you can play even FIFA in one of them!

Season One: Whitelist Forever
Season One Goat Club ticket holders get the Founders Key Item as a benefit, that means whitelist forever.

Meet & Greet with Football Celebrities
Have a chance to meet players.

Signed Jerseys of Partner Teams
Get the chance to receive signed jersey from Bundesliga Teams.

Exclusive GOAT Club Challenges in the TFC App
Special challenges in the TFC App with special rewards.

Private Section in the App
A private club in the app to stay connected with other owners.
(Will come at a later stage.)

Access to exclusive TFC Merch
Get access to TFC Merch. Shirts, caps and other stuff.

GOAT Club exclusive Airdrops
Goat Club Owners will get special airdrops to their account.

Private GOAT Club channel on Discord
There will be a private discord channel to communicate with other owners, the TFC Team and the GOAT Club Manager.

Specials Season 1

Founders Key
As a big benefit, the Season One owners of the GOAT Club will get the Founders Key in the GOAT Pack(there won’t be a second Founders Key).

The GOAT Club ticket isn’t tradeable, the Founders Key will be tradeable. The Founders Key gives you whitelist forever.

GOAT Club Ticket Season One
The GOAT Club Ticket Season One holders get whitelisted for Season Two.

*The tickets to access the TFC Goat Club VIP lounges are not sellable.

Where can I get the GOAT Club ticket?

The only place to get the GOAT Club Ticket is the TFC Marketplace. You can buy the GOAT Pack there and will receive two items. The GOAT Club Ticket and the Founders Key.

Drop Date

2nd February, 19:00 CET on the TFC Marketplace.

Drop Details

Price: 999$
Buy Limit: 1
Drop #2 Supply: 25

Why only 999$?

The 999$ is a price we defined for the early supporters and OGs. The half-season is over, but there a still enough games left to attend. The price for next season’s GOAT Club ticket will be higher.

To have a relation to the price, one Category C VIP ticket for a TFC VIP experience would cost more than 500€.

How does the GOAT Club work?

The GOAT Club is a premium season membership. It gives you exclusive access to private TFC Lounges & VIP Tickets.

How do I get access??

As a GOAT Club Ticket holder, you get 100 credits. With credits, you can get access to different games. There are four game categories you can choose from:

GOAT Club VIP Lounge Categories

Category C (10 Credits)
Example Game: Stuttgart vs Augsburg / Bundesliga

Category B (25 Credits)
Example Game: Leverkusen vs Köln / Bundesliga

Category B+ (50 Credits)
Example Game: Hertha vs Union / Bundesliga

Category A (75 Credits)
Example Game: Borussia Dortmund vs Chelsea FC / CL Round of 16

Category A+ (100 Credits)
Example Game: Borussia Dortmund vs Madrid / (potential) CL Semifinals

Earn Credits

Don’t worry, you can earn additional credits in GOAT Club challenges. All credits are valid only for the season.

Private GOAT Channel

GOAT Club Ticket holders will be contacted and invited to a private Discord Channel. The GOAT Club Manager will take care of you.

This GOAT season will be a pilot for the upcoming season. We will gain feedback and optimize for the next season.

If you still have some questions, please read the FAQ here.

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